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RS Aggarwal

Dr. R S Aggarwal

He was born on January 2, 1946 in a village of Delhi. He graduated from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. After completing his M.Sc. in Mathematics in 1969, he joined N.A.S. College, Meerut, as a lecturer. In 1976, he was awarded a fellowship for 3 years and joined the University of Delhi for his Ph.D. Thereafter, he was promoted as a reader in N.A.S. College, Meerut. In 1999, he joined M.M.H. College, Ghaziabad, as a reader and took voluntary retirement in 2003. He has authored more than 75 titles ranging from Nursery to M. Sc. He has also written books for competitive examinations right from the clerical grade to the I.A.S. level.
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PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 11No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271476LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade..
Rs. 950.00 Rs. 810.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 11 (RS Aggrawal)No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271476LanguageEnglishCountry..
Rs. 560.00 Rs. 390.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 12No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271247LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade..
Rs. 435.00 Rs. 310.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 9No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271858LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade ..
Rs. 655.00 Rs. 550.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 10No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9388704519LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade..
Rs. 825.00 Rs. 699.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 12No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271247LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade..
Rs. 365.00 Rs. 320.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 6No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-8177099829LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade ..
Rs. 380.00 Rs. 330.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 7No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13B07MYKW4QKLanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in I..
Rs. 395.00 Rs. 340.00
PublicationsBharati Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021StandardClass - 8No. Of Pages‎ 84 pagesAuthor/Writer Bharati BhawanISBN 13978-9350271759LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade ..
Rs. 565.00 Rs. 510.00
PublicationsBharti Bhawan (P & D)BindingPaperbackEdition2021 - 2022StandardClass - 9No. Of Pages717 PagesAuthor/WriterR S Aggarwal Veena AggarwalISBN 139789350271858LanguageEnglishBoardCBSECountry..
Rs. 365.00 Rs. 300.00
PublicationsS Chand PublishingBindingPaperbackEdition2021Standard1No. Of Pages***Author/Writer****ISBN 13 978-9352831319LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in India..
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PublicationsS Chand PublishingBindingPaperbackEdition2021Standard2No. Of Pages***Author/Writer****ISBN 139789352831326LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in India..
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PublicationsS Chand PublishingBindingPaperbackEdition2021Standard3No. Of Pages***Author/Writer****ISBN 139789352831333LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in India..
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PublicationsS Chand PublishingBindingPaperbackEdition2021Standard4No. Of Pages***Author/Writer****ISBN 13978-9352831340LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in India..
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PublicationsS Chand PublishingBindingPaperbackEdition2021Standard5No. Of Pages***Author/Writer****ISBN 13 ‎ 978-9352831357LanguageEnglishCountry of OriginMade in India..
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